When Gay People Get Married

Yesterday New York University Press published an important book:  When Gay People Get Married, What Happens When Societies Legalize Same-Sex Marriage.  As the title suggests, this book is an in depth analysis of how societies have been changed by the legalization of same sex marriage.  There is a particular emphasis on The Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries–because […]

Writing on Prop 8: The Nation disappoints and Justice Moreno has the last word.

When the sad, but expected California Supreme Court Proposition 8 ruling came in yesterday, I automatically turned to one of my favorite writers, Arthur Leonard, to help me make sense of it.  Sure enough, Mr. Leonard quickly turned in a high quality report on the court’s decision. Arthur Leonard is, in my opinion, one of […]

What Went Wrong on Election Day and Marriage Proposals is Now in Paperback

We all know what went right on Election Day.  Barack Obama was elected president.  That was the good news.  I was literally partying in the streets of my neighborhood (Chelsea) as the bad news came trickling in.  California’s anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 was ahead.  It was close, though.  And we were celebrating.  Horns were honking, people […]