Cynthia Carr’s Award-Winning David Wojnarowicz Biography is in Paperback Today.

Cynthia Carr re-invented the biography genre in Fire in the Belly: The Life and Times of David Wojnarowicz.  Shunning the usual pseudo-omniscient narrator’s voice, she instead brings in many voices–many witnesses to the life of Mr. Wojnarowicz–and frequently leaves it to the reader to decide which voice is closest to the truth.  Also–without giving away […]

Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother? is Now in Paperback.

Alison Bechdel’s latest graphic novel, Are You My Mother? is now available in paperback.  As Queer Readers will recall, I loved this book. It’s a good time to pick up a copy.  And of course, Ms. Bechdel’s masterpiece, Fun Home–which I also strongly recommended–is now available in both hardcover and softcover (as well as e-editions.) […]

Edmund White’s Jack Holmes and His Friend is in Paperback Today.

A year ago, I reviewed Edmund White’s newest novel, Jack Holmes and His Friend.  Re-reading it recently it occurred to me that although I strongly recommended this novel, I did not recommend it strongly enough. Great novels beg to be read slowly.  Exquisite prose requires the reader’s full attention, particularly when it is enriched with […]

Armistead Maupin’s Mary Ann in Autumn is Now in Paperback.

Armistead Maupin’s Mary Ann in Autumn–the latest Tales of the City installment–is available in paperback today. As queer readers will recall, I loved this book. I was particularly impressed by how Mr. Maupin managed to pull together a reunion of the (surviving) characters in a way that feels natural and organic. San Francisco isn’t the […]

The Best Novel of 2010 is in Paperback Today: Stephen McCauley’s Insignificant Others.

As queer readers will recall, I loved Stephen McCauley’s most recent novel, Insignificant Others.It is, in my opinion, the best novel of 2010.  The characters are multi-dimensional, the Boston setting is lovingly rendered and the plot is both natural and surprising.  And while I have a problem with defining this as a “comic novel,” there […]

When Gay People Get Married is out in Paperback today.

When Gay People Gay Married is out in paperback today.  As the title implies, this is an intelligent detailed analysis of what happens to societies after the legalization of same sex marriage.  I am not giving away too much to say that they do just fine. Indeed, the narrative of this book might be a […]

Good News for Queer Readers: Edmund White’s City Boy is now in paperback. Plus there’s more.

Edmund White’s memoir, City Boy is available in paperback today. As you may recall, I loved this book. And if you need one more incentive to buy it, this edition comes with a brief, but highly informative author Q. and A.  Here are some of my favorite new Edmund White quotes: On Susan Sontag: Voltaire said that […]