On the Anniversary Of QueerReader.com

This month, QueerReader.com quietly celebrated it’s seventh anniversary.  It’s a good time to take stock. When this website was launched, there were literally LGBT bookstores from coast to coast.  A Different Light had branches in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Washington DC had a gay bookstore, as did several medium-size cities across the U.S.  And […]

Happy Birthday Alison Bechdel!

Until a few years ago Alison Bechdel was best known for “Dykes to Watch Out For.”  This iconic comic strip provided regularly updated, humorous insights into the multi-faceted LGBT world. And then In 2006 something dramatic happened to Ms. Bechdel:  her memoir Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic was published.  As queer readers will recall, I […]

Happy Birthday QueerReader.com!

QueerReader.com is two years old today.  Twenty-two books have been reviewed by QueerReader.com.  This has been a particularly eventful year. It began by QueerReader.com scooping USA Today with the news that Michael Cunningham is working on a new novel.  Later this year, QueerReader.com published its first author interview –with Selfish and Perverse author Bob Smith. […]

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln! America’s Second Gay President?

Today is the birthday of Abraham Lincoln.  It’s a good time to read (or re-read) C.A. Tripp’s The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln. In it, Mr. Tripp intelligently makes the argument that President Lincoln was gay. Abraham Lincoln is depicted as a tall, handsome–even sexy–young man who displayed virtually no interest in women.  He had […]

Happy Birthday Edmund White!

Today is the birthday of Edmund White.  It’s a good time to reflect on the courage of one of America’s great writers.  Courage is not a word often used when describing today’s American writers, but Mr. White is different.  We learned from his recently published memoir, that the sixties were a time of tremendous struggle […]

Happy Birthday Henry David Thoreau!

Today is the birthday of Henry David Thoreau.  So let us take a few moments to celebrate this great American.  He was, of course the author of the classic:  Walden; or Life in the Woods.  What makes Walden a masterpiece is its combination of a transcendental appreciation of nature and a surprisingly humorous flinty-dry wit.  Many of these […]

Happy Birthday Katharine Hepburn! Read William Mann’s Kate.

Today is Katharine Hepburn’s birthday.  It’s a good day to pick up a copy of William Mann’s Kate (available in paperback).  Here is my complete BlogSpot review: Having read William Mann’s classic queer Hollywood history, Behind the Screen, I expected his new Katharine Hepburn biography to be very good. It isn’t very good. It’s great. […]