We Now Return to Regular Life is Hard to Put Down.

If you’re looking for a suspenseful page-turner, consider Martin Wilson’s new novel, We Now Return to Regular Life.   It’s the story of  a community rocked by the return of a boy who had been missing for three years.  What happened to him in those three years is one of the many mysteries of this book.  […]

Read Andrew Holleran’s New Short Story.

In his new short story, “There’s a Small Hotel,” Andrew Holleran returns to the themes he explored in his last novel, Grief. Once again, Mr. Holleran presents us with a main character who is wrestling with lingering memories.  But the hungry ghosts he confronts here aren’t so much of individuals as of a vanished New […]

Michal Witkowski’s Love Town is a Literary, Lyrical Homage to Sleaze.

Amidst all the successes of the worldwide struggle for LGBT rights, something has undeniably been lost. What that ‘something’ is can be difficult to define, but perhaps the best word for it might simply be, “sleaze.” The etymology of the word “sleaze” is unclear. William Safire has speculated that it might be derived from Silesia: […]

Michael Cunningham’s new fiction is great.

The current issue of Electric Literature magazine has a new fiction excerpt from Michael Cunningham.  As soon as I received my copy, I read this excerpt quickly, throughly enjoying it, but also expecting to be unsatisfied at the end.  The piece is labelled “an excerpt from a novel in progress.”  But to my surprise it read […]