On the Closing of the Oscar Wilde Bookshop

By now, you’ve probably heard the sad, sad news that our beloved Oscar Wilde Bookshop will soon be closing.  Recent visitors to the Oscar Wilde Bookshop probably didn’t realize they had arrived at a historic location.  Older queers might have recognized this.  But the rest of us would have to rely on David Carter’s Stonewall to fill in the […]

Tom Daschle: OY!!

Two weeks ago today, I celebrated the innauguration of Barack Obama with a rave review of Tom Daschle’s book, Critical.  Unfortunately, recent press revelations have severely tarnished Mr. Daschle’s reputation.  Yesterday Tom Daschle even issued an apology to the Senate Finance Committee. Apology for what?  On Friday it was reported by the New York Times that Mr. Daschle […]