Writing on Prop 8: The Nation disappoints and Justice Moreno has the last word.

When the sad, but expected California Supreme Court Proposition 8 ruling came in yesterday, I automatically turned to one of my favorite writers, Arthur Leonard, to help me make sense of it.  Sure enough, Mr. Leonard quickly turned in a high quality report on the court’s decision. Arthur Leonard is, in my opinion, one of […]

Happy Birthday Katharine Hepburn! Read William Mann’s Kate.

Today is Katharine Hepburn’s birthday.  It’s a good day to pick up a copy of William Mann’s Kate (available in paperback).  Here is my complete BlogSpot review: Having read William Mann’s classic queer Hollywood history, Behind the Screen, I expected his new Katharine Hepburn biography to be very good. It isn’t very good. It’s great. […]