Read Christopher Bram’s Mapping the Territory.

Queer readers no doubt will be tempted to read the most tantalizing articles in Christopher Bram’s new book first and then perhaps not get around to reading the others.  “Homage to Jimmy,” for example is a fascinating explanation of how “Gods and Monsters” grew from a personal obsession to a novel and finally, an excellent film.  “Faggots Revisited” […]

Good News: Bob Smith’s Selfish and Perverse is in paperback today.

Queer readers have reason to rejoice.  Bob Smith’s Selfish and Perverse is available in paperback today.  Mr. Smith’s book is both laugh out-loud funny and surprisingly wise.  I don’t use these words lightly.  I personally almost never laugh out-loud when reading a book.  But Selfish and Perverse had me laughing out-loud repeatedly–from the first page. […]