Four Good Queer-Friendly Coffee Table Books: 2009

Here are four gift-able queer coffee table books–in no particular order: Gore Vidal’s Snapshots in History’ Glare. Mr. Vidal has assembled an amazing collection of photographs–mostly candids of him and his friends.  We see Paul Newman, Johnny Carson, Tennessee Williams and many others.  They are often positioned casually around a pool or at the beach–frequently […]

What Would Auden Review?

The great queer poet, W.H. Auden once said:  “One cannot review a bad book without showing off.”  Maybe that’s why I have been so reluctant to review bad books.  Maybe I thought having a website was showing off enough. I began this blog on a down note.  Gay and Lesbian bookstores were closing.  Queer Lit was increasingly marginalized.  […]