Armistead Maupin’s New Tales of the City Book is His Best Yet.

After twenty-one years, Armistead Maupin has finally released another Tales of the City book.  The result is more literary, more serious and–for me–more emotionally moving than any of Mr. Maupin’s previous books. Mr. Maupin answers my first question early on:  Namely, could this be possible?  Could we really re-assemble Mary Ann Singleton, Michael Tolliver and […]

Wonderful News For Queer Readers: Magnus Books Begins. The Publisher is Don Wiese.

It’s official:  Don Wiese has launched Magnus Books, an independent press dedicated to LGBT literature. Magnus will publish fifteen to twenty titles a year. As I have written before, I believe that Don Wiese is one of the best editors period.  At such an historic moment, it’s worth quoting Mr. Wiese in full: As owner […]

When Gay People Get Married is out in Paperback today.

When Gay People Gay Married is out in paperback today.  As the title implies, this is an intelligent detailed analysis of what happens to societies after the legalization of same sex marriage.  I am not giving away too much to say that they do just fine. Indeed, the narrative of this book might be a […]