Bob Smith’s New Novel, Remembrance of Things I Forgot, is Superb.

What is it about time travel that is so attractive to us?  Is it nostalgia?  Or is it the existential desire to free ourselves from time–the one element that defines our life experience as finite?  For Bob Smith, author of the just published novel, Remembrance of Things I Forgot, the answer seems to be, quite […]

The Best Novel of 2010 is in Paperback Today: Stephen McCauley’s Insignificant Others.

As queer readers will recall, I loved Stephen McCauley’s most recent novel, Insignificant Others.It is, in my opinion, the best novel of 2010.  The characters are multi-dimensional, the Boston setting is lovingly rendered and the plot is both natural and surprising.  And while I have a problem with defining this as a “comic novel,” there […]