Good News for Queer Readers: Edmund White’s City Boy is now in paperback. Plus there’s more.

Posted on September 28, 2010
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Edmund White’s memoir, City Boy is available in paperback today. As you may recall, I loved this book. And if you need one more incentive to buy it, this edition comes with a brief, but highly informative author Q. and A.  Here are some of my favorite new Edmund White quotes:

On Susan Sontag:

Voltaire said that the only thing you owe the dead is the truth.  I think of all of the people who’ve weighed in on Sontag, I’m the least condemning.  She wounded a lot of feelings while she was alive, including mine, and we had a long dispute.  But I always admired her, and I wanted to set the record straight.

On New York today:

New York has become a city for rich people, just like Paris.

Potential upcoming memoirs:

…I’d like to write about Paris in the eighties since that was a great period of prosperity and artistic effervescence–and for me it was a wonderful time when I was becoming another more mature person.  I’d also like to write someday about my sister and nephew:  two key people in my life…

And what he’s working on now:

I’m working on a novel about a straight man and a gay man who are best friends in the sixties and seventies.  It’s to be called Jack Holmes and His Friend. I’d also like to write a short biography of Baudelaire to fill out the project I’ve undertaken with my biographies of Jean Genet, Marcel Proust and Arthur Rimbaud.  For me, Baudelaire is the fourth great figure of French literature.

Clearly Mr. White has no plans to slow down.  Lucky for us.

Edmund White’s City Boy is available in paperback today.  Bloomsbury.

UPDATE 10/14/10:  Mr. White informed me via Facebook, that he has just finished Jack Holmes and his Friend.  Good news!


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