We Now Return to Regular Life is Hard to Put Down.

Posted on December 31, 2017
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If you’re looking for a suspenseful page-turner, consider Martin Wilson’s new novel, We Now Return to Regular Life.   It’s the story of  a community rocked by the return of a boy who had been missing for three years.  What happened to him in those three years is one of the many mysteries of this book.  At times deeply troubling, this novel is nevertheless difficult to put down.

What sets We Now Return to Regular Life apart is the way Mr. Wilson perfectly captures the voices of the two teenagers who narrate this story.   Outwardly self-confident, they are seemingly unaware of their own innocence–and of how this event signals the end of it.  Together they reveal a thee-dimensional jigsaw puzzle of mysteries.  Some of them are disturbing.

But, in the end the most interesting mystery of this book isn’t about what happened in the past.   It’s about what will happen in the future.  For, as troubled and flawed as these characters are, they are also survivors.  And that, alone, makes them inspirational.

Martin Wilson’s We Now Return to Regular Life is published by Dial Books.







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