Happy Birthday QueerReader.com!

Posted on July 12, 2010
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QueerReader.com is two years old today.  Twenty-two books have been reviewed by QueerReader.com.  This has been a particularly eventful year. It began by QueerReader.com scooping USA Today with the news that Michael Cunningham is working on a new novel.  Later this year, QueerReader.com published its first author interview –with Selfish and Perverse author Bob Smith. I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

I began this website on a down note, but as I have written before, I am no longer depressed.  Queer Lit which had all but been pronounced dead two years ago, now appears to be making a modest comeback.

In the coming months, many changes will be made to QueerReader.com.  Most of these you will not be able to see. Some of them you will.  One of these changes will be a new “Strong Recommendation” logo.  As you’ve probably noticed by now, just about all of the QueerReader.com reviews are to some degree or another recommendations.  The new “Strong Recommendation” logo will underscore exceptionally high quality titles.

There has been a lot of talk recently about the digitization of books.  Much of that talk is quite dire.  I myself think the net effect on queer lit will be modestly positive.  More on that later.  The immediate effect will be to increase the number of titles available. And there will be increased pressure on publishers to re-release out-of-print titles in e-editions.  That’s why I’m announcing the beginning of a new QueerReader.com feature:  “Out-of-Print Watch.” I encourage all of my readers to contact me with out-of-print titles worthy of e-edition reprints.  With your help, we can make these editions profitable for the publishers and the authors.

Unfortunately, another change you will eventually see is advertisements. I will try to keep these ads as tasteful and non-intrusive as possible.  And I will never take ads for any of the books I review.

I have never taken nor will I ever take any form of payment for the reviews at this website.

“All you’ve got is your integrity,” my partner said to me the other day.  He said it in a tone that suggested he wished I had something more.  Like maybe a car.

Nevertheless, I am thoroughly enjoying myself.


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